Shufflr 0.70

An excellent social video browser


  • Automatic personalized recommendations
  • Twitter and Facebook integration
  • Great interface effects
  • Anonymous viewing mode


  • Can be confusing to start with
  • Currently no settings

Very good

Shufflr is a video browser with highly integrated social features, that allows you to share what you're watching, find like-minded people and get personalized recommendations.

Running through Adobe Air, Shufflr has a really slick and elegant full screen interface. Collected here are all the major video portals, like YouTube and Metacafe. You can search, play, browse and share videos with Shufflr friends you have as well as through Facebook (and soon Twitter).

The social network aspect of Shufflr means you can quickly build a community of like minded viewers, from whom you'll get automatic recommendations based of your tastes. Shufflr's black interface looks great when viewing videos, and the browsing is pretty dramatic as you drag a wall of videos around in 3D!

A fairly new project, Shufflr is still building its community, but as you're able to share through Facebook with it, you won't feel lonely. The only drawbacks are that there seems to be no windowed mode to Shufflr, and older machines may struggle with the Adobe Air interface, as it can be a little resource heavy.

Shufflr is a great looking video browser that has excellent social integration. Watching and sharing video has never looked so good.



Shufflr 0.70

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